At SuSoS we offer various solutions for surface technology, such as coating products—coated devices or coating chemicals—and services such as coating, surface analysis and contract research.

Since 2004, we have focused on researching the chemical interactions between substrates and coatings, in order to broaden our understanding and optimize and fine-tune these interactions for many different applications.

Our knowledge can be divided into four different areas:

  • Polymer-based, thin-film coatings: Using thin films that are only a few nm thick, you can completely change the surface properties of your product. Various functionalities, such as high lubricity under dry and wet conditions, non-fouling properties, or the selective binding of proteins or antibodies on sensor surfaces, can be seamlessly achieved. We also specialize in adhesion promoters and primers.
  • Coating service: We can coat small series (up to 100 000 parts per annum) right in our own facilities in Dübendorf. With our automated robotic coating system, we are developing industrial coating processes, and supporting our partners with on-site industrial implementation.
  • Surface-analysis service: With our state-of-the-art analytical technologies, we are able to support you with the characterization of your product and also with product troubleshooting. Chemical and elemental composition, surface topography, coefficient of friction, film thickness or wetting behavior are just some of the many properties we can analyze for you.
  • Contract Research: We research and implement new technologies; our work is fast, flexible and transparent. Novel applications can be transferred swiftly and easily for your benefit.

A team of five highly qualified scientists and one financial specialist currently forms the core of SuSoS AG, which is headquartered in Dübendorf (near Zurich). Our scientific specialists produce, research and develop remarkable surface solutions, and perform a wide range of surface analyses in our labs. Our exceptional expertise, highly motivated staff and our ability to accomplish the task swiftly are the forces that drive our business forwards.

What makes us different from our competitors? From our initial contact through to the final implementation, we accompany our clients every step of the way. We attach enormous importance to the all-round service we offer to our customers, from our evaluation of the problem, through advice that is precisely tailor-made to the needs of each customer, to joint project implementation.