The reduction—or even the complete prevention—of biofilm formation on surfaces is desirable in many applications and areas of life. For example, surfaces in the MedTec field, as well as in the food and packaging industry, are particularly sensitive areas. SuSoS offers a range of coating solutions for these different application fields in order to prevent the adhesion and growth of unwanted biological components on surfaces.

One of our most recent exciting developments in the area of non-fouling applications involves quite an all-rounder: a molecule that can be tuned so as to adhere to various substrates simultaneously, and whose non-fouling properties can be combined with further functionalities. It is up to our clients to define which characteristics and functions they wish to attach to their product surface. AziGrip4™ BIO coatings represent a highly robust and adaptable approach to achieving functional, fouling-resistant coatings on any substrate, without including any potentially problematic active components, such as metal ions or bisphenol.

Please contact us to establish the best tailor-made-for-you solution to prevent the formation of unwanted biofilms.

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Comparison of cell-resistant coated polystyrol plate (left) and uncoated control plate (right): Micrographs of 3T3 fibroblast cells after 4 weeks of cell culture. Live cells are shown as green, and dead cells as red. The AziGri4™ EX-modified surface clearly exhibits resistance to cell adhesion, in contrast to control PS surfaces (courtesy of Isabel Gerber, ETH Zurich)