The wetting behavior of a surface decisively influences its properties and the ease with which it can be coated. Self-cleaning surfaces, anti-fog materials or switchable micro-fluidic chips are only a few of the applications that strongly depend on wettability and surface energy. As coatings are our daily business the investigation and tuning of wetting behavior and contact angle are important for successfully functionalizing our customers products. Also, understanding the surface tension and energy of our coating solutions is essential in order to optimally apply those functional solutions to any substrate. Thus, we constantly monitor the interaction of substrate and coating by analyzing wetting behavior and surface tension.

Determination of wetting behavior and surface energy with dCA can also be of interest for the following applications:

  • Characterization of the wettability of contact lenses
  • Determination of the biocompatibility of implants
  • Investigation of adhesion and surface treatments of metals and polymers
  • Analysis of surface treatments of wood, e.g. adhesion properties
  • Quality management of galvanic processes
  • Monitoring of wafer quality
  • Determination of fiber and textile wettability
  • Investigation of the homogeneity of surface cleaning
  • Characterization of the surface tension of coating solutions

In order to cover all these areas of application we use a dynamic contact angle instrument from the company Krüss.