With our surface analysis service we support you in the analysis of contamination, stains and alterations on your products and devices. With our surface analytical methods we assist you in any case of failure analysis. The reasons for a change of surface properties are not always obvious. Thus, we take a closer look for you! Our Team of specialists does not only provide data and figures, but tries to identify the sources for the detected results. Is there a contamination present on the surface or did the original material change? Where could the origin of material failure be? What is the thickness of the contamination film? - These are just a few of the many questions we often get asked. So that our analysis service meets your request and inquiries, we choose the appropriate analysis method from our wide range of analytical systems and discuss an individual analysis plan. Thus, together we can answer all your questions and solve your problems. However, we dedicate our surface analysis service not only to solve problems, but also to quality control and monitoring. Thus, you master all materials and product process and can react to possible changes before they turn into a problem.


Analysis Service for chemical composition by XPS and ToF SIMS

Analysis Service for friction properties, film thickness, wettability and structural features

Analysis Service for adsorption behaviour and particle counting