We offer our customers not only the benefit of our versatile coatings but also an automated robot based coating service for their products. With our four axis robot system we functionalize surfaces of small batch series (up to 100'00 pieces per annum) in a fast and easy way, within short station times including high productivity and accuracy. At the same time our coating service includes individual and flexible coding which offers the possibility to extraordinary hone the surfaces to any product form. Thus, we provide high quality, fast treatment of small series according to agreed industrial standards.

Within this coating service we also develop and up-scale coating procedures to suit the industrial production requirements of customers, thanks to individual and flexible applicable coating processes.


Technical features of automated coating service

  • Flexible and fast handling with three working platforms
  • Jetting and Spraying
  • Dosing
  • Suction
  • Drying and Blowing
  • Vacuum Suction


We guarantee a complemented functionalization of your product surface with

  • Individual and flexible coding
  • Adaptability to any product form
  • Independence of chosen material
  • Implementation of every coating solvent

You can profit from our coating service too! - Get in touch with our specialists and soon we will be able to provide you with a fast and automatized technique to coat your products!

Watch how different coating processes are done fully automatized with our robot system!

See how even round substrates (catheter) can be easily functionalized with our robot-coating-system!

See how cell culture plates get functionalized with non-fouling coating!