Knowledge of the surface chemical composition and surface structure is essential in many technologies. In the following you'll find some examples of applications that we can cover with our methods:

  • Quality management (detecting contamination or deposits on surfaces)
  • Analysis of contamination on surface and evaluation of cleaning processes
  • Investigation of corrosion mechanism
  • Failure Analysis (fault in chemical composition of material?)
  • Examination of chemical modifications on surfaces (e. g. adhesion of polymer surfaces or formation of corrosion)
  • Analysis of adhesive interactions on molecular level
  • Characterisation of chemical composition of raw materials & their additives (e. g. sourcing of embrittling or softening of polymers)
  • Interface analysis of composite materials
  • Recording of joining problems (adhesive bonding, brazing, welding)
  • 3-D structure analysis in microelectronics
  • Detection of trace elements
  • Characterisation of catalytic processes
  • Imaging measurements on biological patterns
  • and many more...

In order to achieve all these measurements we apply X-Ray Photoelectron spectroscopy XPS and Time fo Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry ToF-SIMS.