AziGrip4™: azide-based adhesion promoter for advanced surface functionalization.

This is AziGrip4™, SuSoS' most employed two-step surface functionalization technology. The AziGrip4™ coating platform is a robust and versatile way to functionalize any surface with polymeric chains.

AziGrip4™ reactive compounds act as a molecular glue between different polymers, hydrogels and/or other materials, such as metals, glass and ceramics.

AziGrip4™ is based on azide groups that are activated by UV-light or temperature to form highly reactive nitrenes. These are capable of undergoing C-H and/or N-H insertion reactions with neighbouring molecules, generating new chemical bonds.

The main advantage of this approach is that the all functionalizations needed for the very application is carried by the AziGrip4™ layer simplifying the otherwise complex chemistry around the device surfaces.


Substrate examples

  • Glass, quartz, silicon wafers
  • Polyolefins (COC and COP), (plasma-activated) polymers
  • Metal oxides (Al2O3, Ta2O5, ITO, TiO2, ZrO2, Fe2O3)
  • Silicone rubber, natural latex 

Immobilization mechanism

  • Electrostatic adsorption followed by a UVC or temperature-induced, cross-linking reaction
  • Covalent immobilization on polymeric substrates


  • Irritation and Skin Sensitizing evaluated according to ISO 10993-10
  • Cytotoxicity evaluated according to ISO 10993-5
  • Acute Eye Irritation evaluated according to ISO 10993-10


  • Functional test performed on parts stored in water and air over 5 years


  • Evaluated according to ISO 11357-6


  • Compatible with X-Ray/Gamma-Ray, Ethylene Oxide (ETO) and Autoclave

AziGrip4™ Amine, defect-free DNA immobilization coating.

Capture and retain DNA strands during demanding amplification.

AziGrip4™ Amine provides a high density of amine groups providing positive charged surface for both electrostatic and covalent bonding. The coating outperforms standard off-the-shelf chemistries (e.g. silane-amine) by providing an homogeneous and defect-free immobilization carpet for surface-coupled RNA, DNA, proteins and other functional biomolecules in challenging assay conditions.

  • Excellent reproducibility at ±2Å over 80k parts produced
  • Simple dip-&-rinse process for mono-layer formation
  • Multiple attachment via electrostatic binding
  • 2.5-D Amine-rich coils for higher functional capacity
  • Cross-linked layer for record-breaking stability

Do not hesitate to discuss with us by phone at +41-44-801-80-50 or through the contact form your needs for DNA and protein immobilizing coatings.

AziGrip4™ EX, robust non-fouling coating.

The versatile non-fouling coating for consumables and microfluidic devices that must undergo sterilization.

AziGrip4™ EX creates a hydrostatic barrier for biomolecules.

Inspired by nature, AziGrip4™ EX inhibits the attachment of bacteria, viruses, cells, proteins and DNA with a permanent aqueous layer at the surface. This impenetrable water layer keeps the surface free from bio-contaminations, whereas alternative, more traditional approaches do actually kill cells or denature proteins leaving the contaminations attached to the surface. 

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AziGrip4™ IMP, permanent hydrophilicity for implants.

TiOx osteo-integration through permanent hydrophilization of implant surfaces.

Dip, Rinse, Cure. Done.

AziGrip4™ IMP is a simple and convenient extension to the renowned SLA® technology of Straumann, Inc

The ultrathin, hydrophilic, UV-crosslinked polymeric coating attaches a mixture of positive and negative charges to any metal surface.
This comprehends also sandblasted, large grid, and acid-etched titanium (TiOx).
The permanent hydrophilization at the surface-level makes the transport and storage of implants easy, convenient and totally safe.


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  • Completes and simplifies installed manufacturing processes
  • Industrialized coating process
  • Reduced packaging complexity and cost
  • Permanent hydrophilic surface
  • 𝛾-sterilization compliant

AziGrip4™ LUB, hydrophilic lubricious coating for medical devices

Permanent aqueous lubricating layer covalently linked to your medical device.

With AziGrip4™ LUB you can tune the lubricity of your medical device by controlling the cross linking and thickness of the coating. The coating supplies a thin film of water that is confined to the surface enabling enduring lubricity of the surface. A tailored adhesion layer allows coating anything from metal guide wires to polymer catheters. Due to the unique chemistry it is possible to even coat small inner lumen of devices - a feature of major relevance to minimally invasive surgery. 

Features of the AziGrip4™ LUB hydrophilic lubricious coating include:

  • Benchmarked ultra-low friction - COF = 0.005
  • Customizable coating thickness
  • Reduces biofilm formation e.g. blood coagulation, bacterial infections
  • Silicone and fluorinated-polymer free
  • Strongest possible covalent binding even inside tubes
  • Minimum particle generation

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dryGLIDE™, tunable, self-lubricious medical coating.

SuSoS' dryGLIDE™ carries a non-aqueous lubricant that delivers adjustable lubricity. And can carry medicaments.

Order, unpack, use. Done.

dryGLIDE™ is sterile by design and does not need any wetting right before use to guarantee lubricity.

– Adjustable friction to enable complex procedures.
– No wetting required to reduce the risks of infection.
– No slipperiness for easier handling, better touch feedback.
– Constant lubricity for guidewires that do not get stuck on dry spots.
– Silicone-free and PTFE-free.


Whether controlling the glide, the haptic feedback, the torque, the ability of following the vascular geometries or to properly carrying catheters and stands, wire guides treaded with dryGLIDE™ outperform their traditional alternative technologies with no compromises.


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AziGrip4™ YOURS, tailored coating for your very application.

AziGrip4™ can be combined virtually with any polymeric functionalization. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

AziGrip4™-based customized functional adhesion

Do not hesitate to discuss with us by phone at +41-44-801-80-50 or through the contact form your needs for anything related to tailored adhesion, specific binding, broad-band bio-resistance or your specific application.

The AziGrip4™ technology is covered by international patents controlled by SuSoS. AziGrip4™ is a SuSoS trade mark. All rights reserved.