PAcrAm™ Molecular pocket knife for stable and identical coupling schemes.

This is PAcrAm™, SuSoS' easiest, most elegant dip&rinse surface functionalization technology. The PAcrAm™ coating platform is a customizable, spontaneously assembling monomolecular coating.

PAcrAm™ is a functionalizable polymeric backbone that enables different functional and binding groups to be inserted using the same, stable and reproducible coupling scheme by design.
By appropriately selecting and combining binding groups, with PAcrAm™ we offer a “universal molecule” that can attach polymers and hydrogels to many different substrates, such as metals, glass, ceramics and plastics.

PAcrAm™ is an elegant dip&rinse aqueous solution that spontaneously assemble in monomolecular thin layers of 5-to-10 nanometers of thickness.

No need of curing. PAcrAm™ can be applied over open glas or metallic chips and in closed microfluidics channels with no limitations. All relevant chemical reactions that lead to the adsorption of the layer happen spontaneously and in the most controlled way.

Compatible substrates

  • Glass, quartz, silicon wafers
  • Polyolefins (COC and COP), (plasma-activated) polymers
  • Silicone rubber, natural latex
  • Metal oxides (Al2O3, Ta2O5, ITO, TiO2, ZrO2, Fe2O3)
  • 3D-Printing materials (ABS, Nylon, PLA, PETG, Polyurethane/TPU, PVA, etc.)

Immobilization mechanisms

  • Adsorption from aqueous buffers
  • Binding via a combination of covalent and electrostatic binding groups (multimodal binding)
  • Self-limiting monolayer by design

Broadband Non-fouling

  • Non-specific reduction of protein uptake
  • Resistance against small-molecule drugs, cells and/or bacteria adhesion

Click-azide Chemistry

  • Allocation of azide-functionalized PEG for ultra-specific click-chemistry bindings

Adhesion of Advanced Bio-functionalization Groups

  • Carriage of bio-functionalized polymers for use in bio-sensing (Biotin and nitrilotriacetic acid, –NTA) or cell cultures (RGD peptide)

Custom– PAcrAm™

PAcrAm™ can be synthesized virtually to carry any functionalization. Talk to us to find out how we can help you.

PAcrAm™-g-(yourfunctionality, yoursubstrate, yourapplication)

Do not hesitate to discuss with us by phone at +41-44-801-80-50 or through the contact form your needs for anything related to tailored adhesion, specific binding, broad-band bio-resistance or your specific application.

The PAcrAm™ technology is covered by international patents controlled by SuSoS. PAcrAm™ is SuSoS trade mark. All rights reserved.