Because Surface Matters.™ A lot.

We focus on those 50 nanometers that make the difference, so you can take care of everything else.

Surfaces, borders and coastlines are incredible places: they are full of complexities and rich in opportunities. In complex systems, where optimized bulk material characteristics fail to deliver on their own, SuSoS specifically looks after those 50 nanometers that are critical to a product’s success. SuSoS believes that surface matters. A lot. That’s why we focus on surface so you can take care of everything else.

Surface is tough

But solutions must be simple.

Correctly dealing with interfaces can often make the difference between something being a success or a failure. Every material, functionality and application is as special as our customers. SuSoS recognizes every customer’s needs and delivers elegant solutions to cope best with the complexity of each system. SuSoS believes that solutions must be simple even when problems are tough to solve.

Truly understanding is most of the solution

Guiding customers through hard decisions is key to long-lasting relationships.

SuSoS’ approach is rigorously scientific and we are proud of that. SuSoS makes sure that every piece fits, that measurements are scrupulous, interpretations sound and relevant, and that suggestions are sustainable long-term. Our customers do not ask for hasty and careless fixes, our customers ask for answers they can trust and upon which they can build their projects. While we love to experiment, we are not afraid to say no when scientifically, technically or economically a certain approach does not make sense. We do this because SuSoS believes that guiding customers through hard decisions is key to a long-lasting relationship.

Core Markets

Medical devices




Our Approach

Inspired by the elegance of nature, we reduce complexity through a few technological building blocks we know inside out.

Maximum control, minimum thickness.

Swiss Quality, Precision & Flexibility.

Technology inspired by nature.™ 

Organized to explore, design, test and scale-up.

Mass customization methodologies.

Turnkey solutions design & installation.


As a team (of whom more than half have a PhD), we have invested over 250 man-years to master what determines the value of the right surfaces in our client’s products. 
SuSoS understands chemistry, physics, biology, sensorics, pharmaceutics, surgery, genomics, robotics, and industrial operations at scale.
And yet, we deal with surfaces and that is all we do: This focused approach is why we succeed where others fail.

Our Strengths

When time is money, we offer to pick all three of… the three.


We master science, technology & tools.


Reduce project duration from months to weeks.


Volume-ready, scalable, system solutions.


Our products work at scale and our customers benefit from fully working solutions within weeks. We make available all the technologies we have learned, all the tools we use daily, all the expertise we have gained available in a way that is more economical than any in-house approach.


Since 2004 SuSoS has been at the forefront of advanced surface technologies.

Worldwide innovation for the most demanding customers.

Enabling innovation for top global vision care suppliers.

Process traceability, EMA and FDA ready.

Delivering to the big players in the NGS scene.

Highly automated ISO5 and ISO7 cleanrooms.

At the heart of the fastest ER point-of-care devices.


Our processes are designed for tough, highly regulated markets and are thoroughly tested in-house. SuSoS lab and pilot line equipment are a byword for financial soundness. We pride ourselves on being known for our long-term commitment toward our customers.

Our Business Model

SuSoS sells design and prototyping mandates, offers agile coating services and is ultimately rewarded for its contribution to the commercial success of your product.