The coefficient of friction has a strong influence on many processes and material combinations. SuSoS has a special interest in the interaction of soft mater, such as tissue with other materials. Examples where the coefficient of friction plays an important role are the interactions taking place at the interface between cornea and contact lenses and contact lenses and the eyelid as well as between injection needles and skin or other tissue.

Especially in the area of soft materials, as for example polymers, tissue or contact lenses the determination of the coefficient of friction is no easy task. This can be applied for example:

  • Determination of frictional force on polymer surfaces (e.g. comparison of contact lenses)
  • Analysis of lubrication systems (e.g. friction-reducing coatings for needles, formulations for beauty products, intra-articular formulations)
  • Real-time study of lubricating film formation on surfaces (e.g. for shampoo or eye drops)
  • Identification of the wear resistance of thin layers (e.g. for corrosion inhibitors on metal)

At the SuSoS AG we have specialised in the characterisation of soft materials and offer a world wide unique micro tribology service.