Variable Angle Spectral Ellipsometry (VASE) not only yields layer thickness, but also provides information on various optical parameters of the surface under investigation.

During ellipsometry measurements, the surface is illuminated with light of various wavelengths (240 nm to 1000 nm). Interactions with the surface (reflection, absorption, refraction or transmission) lead to changes in the polarization of the incident light. These changes depend on both the layer thickness and the optical properties of the material under investigation. Thus with ellipsometry it is possible to analyse both film thickness and optical properties. The particular benefit of using more than one wavelength is the large quantity of data obtained, which enables us to construct more precise models, as well as to simultaneously determine several independent parameters.

Benefits of this analysing technique

  • Layer thickness determination from sub-nanometer to several micrometers
  • Determination of surface roughness
  • Evaluation of refractive index
  • Detection of electrical conductivity
  • Applicable to both organic and inorganic materials

Materialies and Dimensions

  • Solid materials with planar, reflective surfaces
  • Both conducting and insulating samples
  • Sample size max. height roughly 1 cm, length x width max. 25 x 25 cm
  • Spot size: focusing-probes 200 µm, without f-probe 0.5 cm

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