SuSoS patented AziGrip4™

Azide-based adhesion promoter for advanced surface functionalization. AziGrip4™ is the most versatile technology platform applied in two-steps (coating followed by UV or temperature curing) that forms a molecular glue between the materials and the functionalizations to apply.

SuSoS patented PAcrAm™

The most-elegant, capable self-replicating monolayer carrying all needed functionalities by design. Applied with simple dip&rinse from an aqueous solution, is particularly suitable to volume applications or for end-user direct coatings.

SuSoS patented Nitrocatechols

Inspired by nature, SuSoS Nitrocatechols provide strong adhesion to metals and metal oxides the same way as mussels attach to ships and boats. 

SuSoS patented PLL-g-PEG

One of SuSoS most traditional polymeric functionalization technology platform with lots of publications and applications in the most variegated markets. SuSoS offers standard PLL-PEG options also through its web shop.

Functional needs require the right functional coating.

With the help of the functionalities listed, we try to guide you to the choice of the best surface technology platform for your application.

Often, similar approaches look equally promising to address your needs. The small details that make your offering unique may be the most relevant discriminant between one option and another. We are here to help.

Let us understand your needs.

Do not hesitate to discuss with us by phone at +41-44-801-80-50 or through the contact form your needs for anything related to tailored adhesion, specific binding, broad-band bio-resistance or your specific application. To help guide your choice, below we listed an initial selection of common aspects to clarify together.


You are targeting…

…polymer substrates
…glass substrates
…metal substrates
…multiple substrates
…specific binding
…microscopic pores
…hydrophilic surfaces
…hydrophobic surfaces
…spatially-separated hydrophilicity and –phobicity
…UV-patterned surfaces
…coating simplification
…specialty chemicals

PAcrAm™AziGrip4™ | PLL-g-PEG

Plastic substrates (PP, PTFE, ABS, COC and the likes) are typically hydrophobic by nature and hard to covalently bind to.

AziGrip4™ and PAcrAm™ surface coatings are designed to modify the very surfaces of polymers permanently and add specific functionalities.

PAcrAm™ | AziGrip4™ PLL-g-PEG

Glass bears great material properties such as transparency or barrier functions.

While classical chemistries allow modification with a certain degree of compromise, AziGrip4™, PAcrAm™ and PLL-g-PEG coating technologies provide solutions where conventional chemistry fails.

PAcrAm™ | Nitrocatechols

Stainless steel, iron or aluminum - metals and alloys frequently require delicate surface treatments.

Inspired by mussels sticking to boat hulls, PAcrAm™ and Nitrocatechol coatings can provide enduring adhesion and functionalization to (noble) metal surfaces.


Heterogeneous product surfaces can be challenging to modify with off-the-shelf coatings.

Thanks to its multi-modal binding approach, PAcrAm™ coating technology provides simple dip-and-rinse coatings able to bind to different materials generating a homogeneous surface function.

PAcrAm™ | PLL-g-PEG | AziGrip4™

The adhesion of biomolecules (cells, proteins, DNA,...) is not always desired. Conventional anti-bacterial, or anti-fouling coatings can contain active ingredients (e.g. silver ions) that change the environment of the system to investigate.

SuSoS AziGrip4™(EX), PAcrAm™ (PMOXA) and PLL-g-PEG-based non-fouling coatings are free of active ingredients and prevent any biomolecules from attaching.


When thinking of a diagnostic application, it is often desired to bind only a very specific chemical moiety (e.g. target protein) in an "ocean" of biomolecules (e.g. blood, serum or physiologic solution with nutrients or drugs).

PAcrAm™ bio-sensing coatings do exactly that and help best-in-class surface-based assays for diagnostics.


While there are many glues out there, SuSoS provides tailored interface chemistry via the AziGrip4™ coating technology and can proudly claim to have enhanced product lifetimes up to a factor of 20. We call AziGrip4™ the molecular super-glue.


Invasive medical devices greatly benefit from a low-friction coating - both for less damage inflicted to the patient as well as improved operating performance of the surgeon handling the instrument.

To enable optimal haptic feedback while reducing patient trauma, SuSoS has developed AziGrip4™ based hydrophilic lubricious coatings that can even operate in dry conditions!

PAcrAm™ | AziGrip4™

All SuSoS surface coatings are only few nanometers thin and do not normally clog any tight aperture, neither membrane pores nor micro channels.

Thanks to its self-forming mono-molecular layer, we recommend to start with PAcrAm™: its chemical design is particularly apt to reducing any risk of obstruction or congestion.

PAcrAm™ | AziGrip4™ | PLL-g-PEG | Nitrocatechols

Hydrophilicity can be beneficial in many ways, from easier filling of microfluidic channels with aqueous solutions, to better spreading of consequently applied coatings on strongly hydrophobic products.

Our battery of coatings, from PAcrAm™ to AziGrip4™ allows to permanently hydrophilic even the challenging materials including PTFE, PP, PC, Silicone, Elastomers and more.

AziGrip4™ | Nitrocatechols

Hydrophobicity can be beneficial when working with non-aqueous fluids or when aiming to increase the surface energy of a products surface.

SuSoS provides AziGrip4™ and Nitrocatechol-based hydrophobic coatings for most of the needs in the medtech and life sciences industries..

AziGrip4™ | PAcrAm™

For single-substrate items, with AziGrip4™ we can successively coat and UV cross-link discrete portions of your chips: once with a hydrophilic, once with a hydrophobic functionalization.

When two or more substrates are present, different PAcrAm™ backbones can be tailored to adhere to specific substrates in your chips. Meaning PAcrAm™ can bring hydrophilicity on one substrate (e.g. a metal) and hydrophobicity on another (e.g. a polymer).


Whether it is multiplex arrays or selectively functionalized cell-culture consumables, a wide range of products require patterns of surface functionality.

Our AziGrip4™ coating technology enables patterning with a highly specific wavelength (254 nm) down to the sub-micron level.

PAcrAm™ | AziGrip4™

Delamination is a frequent cause of product failure for example upon ingress of fluids, gases or cells crawling through an interface that is bound by a non-optimal glue. Delamination occurs from solids and often from hydrogels.

Thanks to PAcrAm™ or AziGrip4™ we create the most stable binding between material pairs because we mimic the presence of the one material on the surface of the other.

PAcrAm™ | AziGrip4™

Are you looking for an elegant technology to reduce the complexity of your current coating technology?
Do traditional coating processes from the gas phase(?) cost too much, or deliver erratic results making quality control a nightmare?

Our coatings are applied all from aqueous or alcohol solutions:
PAcrAm™ with its 1-step dip&rinse processing and the UV-curable AziGrip4™ can be applied at room temperature, with no special equipment, in open or closed devices with disarming simplicity.

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Small molecules, biotin, streptavidin or other the synthesis specialty chemicals used in biology, life-sciences and the likes are among the competences of our Chemist.

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The AziGrip4™, PAcrAm™, Nitrocathecols and PLL-g-PEG technologies are covered by international patents controlled by SuSoS. AziGrip4™ and PAcrAm are a SuSoS trade marks. All rights reserved.