Coatings on surfaces, whether fabricated with functional polymer films or galvanically deposited metal films, always bring about certain challenges. Clean substrates are an essential prerequisite to successfully coating any product. During the process itself, however, many possible contamination sources exist, which could lead to a defect in the end product.

For many years we have supported our customers with our analytical service in their search for possible causes of coloration, for defects or for other alterations in galvanic coatings, such as delamination. Using a variety of methods, we investigate the surface-chemical composition of substrates and coated products. Additionally, we generate depth profiles, in order to obtain information on the elemental distribution as a function of depth. In addition to establishing these properties, we also determine film thickness, coefficient of friction or contact angles.

We offer our services in order to solve problems, and also for quality-control purposes. We would love to be your partner for both failure analysis and quality management. Please do contact us: our team looks forward very much to answering all your questions!