The possibilities for surface analysis that we can offer you are as numerous as the scientific fields that fall under the term life sciences.

Are you looking for a partner for the quality control of your product? Do you need help with failure analysis? Our long-standing experience allows us to provide answers to a number of critical questions:

  • Determining the coefficient of friction of contact lenses for quality control and to enhance comfort for the person wearing the lenses
  • Analyzing colorations on band-aids/plasters (end product as well as raw material) in order to identify the source of contamination
  • Determining the chemical composition of stains/streaks on metallic packaging for the food industry

Often, the answer does not lie with just one product property or process step. Therefore, we do not rely on just one analytical method, but use and combine different analytical techniques — including, as mentioned above, determining the surface-chemical composition and coefficient of friction as well as the wettability, surface tension and optical parameters. We can also follow, in situ, the adsorption and desorption processes of molecules/polymers during individual process steps on different substrate materials, thus studying the interaction between substrate and molecules.

We very much hope you will choose to benefit from our knowledge and experience, in order to optimize your product! - Just contact us!