Our analytical service enables us to help you with any questions related to surfaces. We benefit from many years of experience and practical know-how, in both defect analysis and quality control.

We can investigate the chemical surface composition of implants, stents, catheters or any medical device, independently from the composition of the substrate material. Especially in medicine, where numerous different materials come into direct contact with the patient’s body, it is crucial to understand the composition of a product in order to guarantee the patient’s safety and health. We assist you during development and implementation of new materials and help with quality management. With our methods and models we can even translate chemical composition into concentration per area (e.g. ng/nm2). In this way, the data can be more easily related to medical relevant critical values.

In addition to the chemical composition, we can also determine various other relevant surface properties, such as coefficient of friction, wettability, surface tension or film thickness.

A few of our projects in the MedTec area are:

  • Quality control for dental-implant surfaces (metal and ceramic)
  • Determining the contamination concentration on dental implants
  • Analyzing the surface-chemical composition of stains/colorations on metallic stents after different process steps, in order to discover the source of the contamination
  • Aging studies of implant material
  • Determining the coefficient of friction of contact lenses

If you already have a particular question in mind, please contact us, so we can help.