We not only offer you polymer thin-film coatings for sensors for diagnostics in medical technology and life sciences, but also support you with our surface-analysis service. We will be delighted to assist you during the development of new technologies, as well as with the search for failures and defects in the product or in the process.

Since SuSoS was founded, we have helped many of our customers in their search for possible sources of contamination, coloration, or defects. Our investigative methods enable us to thoroughly and precisely analyze a product’s surface-chemical composition. By using imaging and mapping techniques, we can even distinguish between different areas on a sensor and analyze and compare the signals arising from individual sectors. We can, furthermore, study in-situ adsorption and desorption processes on sensor surfaces. In addition, we can provide you with information on the coefficient of friction, contact angle, and surface tension, as well as film thickness and optical parameters.

Some of the numerous projects in the field of sensor technology that we have undertaken for our customers include:

  • Determining the chemical surface composition of a TiO2-noble metal-sensor surface after different cleaning procedures
  • Evaluating the adsorption behavior of molecules onto functionalized sensor surface
  • Determining the polymer coating thickness on slides for fluorescence microscopy
  • Estimating the effects of different process solutions on the chemical composition and stability of sensor surfaces

If you already have a specific question in mind, do get in touch with us, so we can support you with our knowledge and experience.