In the MedTec sector, we offer numerous options for modifying and functionalizing surfaces. With our non-fouling coatings, we can help you prevent the adsorption and growth of unwanted and unspecific biofilms on surfaces. Our highly lubricious coatings enable us to optimize the handling of medical devices and to enhance the patient’s comfort. Imagine an injection needle with such a low coefficient of friction to skin that the pain is minimized, or a highly lubricious catheter that can be guided easily and with very little resistance through blood vessels.

Further MedTec areas for coating applications include:

  • Lubricious coatings for medical tools and implants
  • Anti-bacterial, cell-resistant treatment of medical devices
  • Improved tissue integration with bioactive coatings, using peptides or growth factors
  • Surfaces with selective biological response to different cell types

If you have a particular application in mind, please contact us! - Together we can discuss the optimal coating solution.