Materials which are referred to in everyday life as “glass” (for example, drinking glasses and windows) represent just a small fraction of the world of glass. Although it is one of the oldest materials known to man, most consumers are unaware of its many properties and possibilities.

Glass combines positive and useful properties such as transparency, chemical stability and resistance to deformation. These properties render this material so universally applicable that it can be processed and turned into any of the following: packaging material for food products, beverages and cosmetics; innovative fiber-optic cables for data transfer; and practical, glass-ceramic cooktops.

Depending on the requirements, SuSoS’ surface treatments can build on these material properties for the benefit of the consumer: a few examples are anti-adhesion, anti-fingerprint or anti-fog coatings.

Whether for outdoor or indoor use, glass can be easily treated with SuSoS’ surface solutions. These dirt-repellent, anti-fog or bacteria-resistant surface technologies find their use in many sectors, including in the medical and packaging industries.

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