Ceramics are often underestimated. Technical ceramic materials can yield combinations of properties that in many respects can simply not be achieved by other materials.

Viewed from the electrical point of view, ceramics provide very good insulating properties and dielectric strength. Mechanically speaking, ceramics can offer good wear resistance, hardness, and dimensional stability. Ceramic materials also provide resistance to high temperatures. Finally, ceramics are highly resistant to corrosion and are compatible in contact with food products.

Ceramics play an important role in various industrial sectors. Crockery, implants, jewelry and bathroom appliances are just a few areas in which these versatile materials are used.

SuSoS technology is already so far advanced that it can impart exceptional surface features to ceramics. Ceramic products with dirt-resistant or bacteria-resistant properties are particularly useful in the medical industry. This group of materials can also play a major role in coatings with non-stick or adhesion-promoting properties.

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