Plastics are among the most processed of materials. Every day we encounter traditional plastic products; a life without plastic is now practically unimaginable. From the ball-point pen, which we pick up several times a day, to household appliances or even aircraft components, there is practically no limit to the use of plastics.

Properties such as moldability, elasticity, chemical resistance, formability and low density make plastics extremely versatile.

Microstructured plastics are increasingly gaining significance in this context. Building upon intrinsic materials properties, SuSoS Technology conjures up further functionalities that can be easily applied to a given product, thereby bringing it to life. Our coatings have the additional advantage that the optical properties of the product remain unchanged.

Due to their chemical resistance, many plastics are inert and therefore difficult to bond. The adhesion of plastics to each other is a challenge that needs to be solved. In this context, SuSoS adhesion solutions are growing in importance. Even the most challenging plastics—such as PTFE or silicone—show marked improvements in adhesion with SuSoS’ adhesion promoter. Enhanced by SuSoS technology, surface functionality can be optimized on demand. In this day and age, having things be “easy to clean” is a must. Particularly in areas such as hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and restaurants and in the packaging industry—where hygiene rightly has top priority—easy-to-clean surface functionality is crucial.

SuSoS' surface solutions can be used in many different fields. Whether you require hydrophilic or hydrophobic functionalities, our know-how, combined with the precision of our work, will allow us to implement any of your ideas. Simply tell us what you need!