No other material has such a major impact on the world’s economy. Metals vary in price, in appearance, and in their various properties, such as gloss, hardness and toughness, good ductility and thermal and electrical conductivity.

SuSoS surface technologies can extend this range of properties to include other intelligent functionalities, and can bring the product to life without changing its intrinsic appearance.

The broad spectrum of enhanced properties that SuSoS can provide includes corrosion protection, adhesion improvement, increased lubricity, anti-adhesion and dirt resistance. These effects can be beneficially deployed in all the metalworking industries, including, for example, machine construction, tooling, medical devices, plant components, and furniture.

The reduction of deposits and friction, the possibility of easier cleaning, and the reduction of harmful waste all result in reduced downtime, shorter production time, and thus higher productivity.

A hot new topic is "anti-finger-print" technology. This useful coating adds value to products ranging from metal facades and automobile parts to chrome-plated decorative items. “Easy-to-clean” coatings reduce tedious and repetitive cleaning and help make everyday chores easier.

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