At SuSoS AG we posses the skills as well as an extensive know-how to investigate and understand the chemical interaction between surfaces and functional coatings as well as manipulate them for our own purposes. Thus, we are able to resort to a broad spectrum of coating solutions and services.

Chemical Supply

We provide our customers with ready-to-use coating solutions for on site coating processes. For that matter we always pay attention to an adequate stock of chemicals and permanent quality controls in order to meet our customers requirements and standards.


We offer our customers the possibility of licensing SuSoS proprietary technologies in order to enable customised protection and maximal degree of manufacturing freedom to our customers.

Technology Matching

We assess the suitability of thin film coating technology by short a process based on:

  1. Tuning of coating to exact customer needs
  2. Preparation of high quality test samples
  3. Surface characterization of prepared samples

Coating Service

We develop automated coating procedures which can easily be up-scaled to suit industrial production requirements of customers thanks to individual and flexible applicable coating processes. Further we offer a high quality, fast treatment (coating service) of small series according to agreed industrial standards.

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