AziGrip4™ LUB

To optimize patient care and for convenience of use, medical devices such as needles, syringes, urinary and coronary catheters benefit from having a lubricious surface coating. Such coatings are typically hydrophilic, forming a soft hydrogel cushion when immersed in water. Any coatings on invasive medical devices are subject to stringent regulatory requirements with regard to acute particle generation and wear resistance (USP 788 “Particulate matter in injections”). SuSoS offers two alternative coatings within the AziGrip4™ LUB family: a hydrophilic lubricous coating, which has shown competitive performance in the wetted state, and one that transitions between being slippery  in the dry state to being wet and slippery when hydrated. SuSoS has extensive coating-deposition facilities for rapid coating-evaluation turnaround, and can produce both textured, patterned coatings, as well as homogenous coatings on flat surfaces or on custom shapes such as guiding catheters and syringes.

Coating description: AziGrip4™ LUB wet and dry lubricious coating

Substrate: glass, metal, nylon, PEBAX, and many others

Immobilization mechanism: UVC or temperature-induced cross-linking reaction provides strong adhesion to the substrate, and excellent wear resistance

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Key product features:

  • Excellent wear resistance with low acute particulate generation when tested in an ASTM F2394-07 mock-vessel model
  • Low coefficient of friction (µ <0.05) when wet
  • Low coefficient of friction (µ <0.1) when dry
  • Customer-tailored coating thickness from ~100 nm to microns
  • Biocompatible
  • Low fouling

Typical applications:

  • Coronary-guiding catheters
  • Pumps, syringes and needles
  • Urinary catheters