Whether it's a case of plastic, metal, glass or ceramics, where other adhesives fail, SuSoS' solutions will significantly improve adhesion, with no unnecessary plasma or corona pretreatment. You can choose between two types of molecular thin coatings that differ in their application process and in their composition: adhesion promoter and hydrophilic primer solution (HPS).

With the adhesion promoter, a strong, direct chemical bond between the substrate and the functional layer (polymer, paint, glue or adhesive) can be achieved. With HPS,  the substrate is treated with a layer that contains various molecules (including the adhesion promoter). In this way, the chemical affinity of the substrate to the functional layer is permanently improved.

The application steps for the adhesion promoter are as follows:

  • Coating the substrate with the adhesion promoter
  • Immediate application of the subsequent layer (eg glue or paint)
  • Activation by UV-C light or heat

In contrast, the application steps for HPS are as follows:

  • Coating of the substrate with HPS
  • Activation by UV light or heat
  • Application of the subsequent layer, which can be done later

Which of the two processes will be of interest to you depends on the second layer that is to be applied. UV transparency and heat resistance are further criteria that will influence your choice. Contact us and we will find a suitable solution together!