A number of different scientific fields fall under the umbrella of life sciences: biology, biochemistry, biophysics, molecular biology, as well as nutrition sciences and food research. In these fields, amongst others, we offer numerous options for functionalizing surfaces for a broad range of applications.

Perhaps you are looking for non-fouling coatings to prevent the adhesion of unspecific and unwanted biological substances (e.g. proteins, bacteria, cells)? Alternatively, are you seeking surfaces that carry selective bio-functional binding groups? Do you wish to tune the wettability of microstructures to your specific needs? Whatever your situation, we can microstructure our coatings in order to achieve tailor-made micropatterns to fit your exact application and demands.

Further life-science application examples include:

  • Microstructuring (patterning) of bio-chips
  • Optimization of wettability of microfluidic devices
  • Preparation of well-plates for stem cell research: surface functionalization to regulate or prevent differentiation of cell clusters
  • Non-fouling coatings for food packaging

If you have an application in mind, please contact us, so we may support your ideas and their implementation.