With our service for surfaces we cover different stages in the product life-cycle by offering contract research and analytical services. Within these services we also assist our customers during the research and development of new products.

Service for surface analysis

Within our analytics services we determine chemical as well as physical properties of surfaces. These include the chemical composition, in-situ thin film formation or desorption, film thickness, coefficient of friction and effects of wearing, surface topology as well as contact angle and surface energy. For our service for surface analysis we employ various methods and by this create a data base which helps us to consider all aspects of a system. Thus, we support you during failure analysis, quality control and management and with product development and optimisation.

Contract research

Next to an analytics service we also count contract research among our service for surface. According to a four step process we research and develop new coating systems which are tuned perfectly to our customers requests and needs. Based on an initial situation analysis we define individual project goals and modules. These are followed by the actual research and development work as well as the prototyping at our facilities. In case of successful prototype tests we support our customers during the industrialisation and implementation of the coating process.

Service for surface coating

Engineering for small series is the third part of SuSoS' service for surface. We develop automated coating processes in order to up scale lab procedures to meet industrial manufacturing processes. Thanks to our automated coating service with a high degree of adaptability and customisability as well as to our long standing know how we promise rapid industrialisation times. We can offer surface coating services of series up to 100'000 parts p. a. according to specific customer needs and requirements. For larger projects we develop together with our engineering partner a fully automatised coating process which can be directly implemented at our customers facilities.