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Broadband non-fouling graft copolymer for specific SPAAC azide click functionalization.

Optimized for covalent binding on glass, PDMS and plasma-activated polymers.



Broadband non-fouling graft copolymer for specific functionalization through SPAAC azide click chemistry.

This polymer is optimized for covalent binding on glass (SiO2) substrates, but also binds to other surfaces containing hydroxy (-OH) groups, PDMS and plasma-activated polymers.

The azide groups shall be functionalized via strain promoted azide-alkyne click chemistry (SPAAC using DBCO or BCN functionalized molecules).

Systematic name:

poly(acryl-amide)-g-(PMOXA70-N3, 1,6-hexanediamine, 3-aminopropyldimethylsilanol) (5950:116.2:161.3 Mr; 0.20:0.40:0.40 d)

MW PMOXA-N3: 5950±595 g/mol

PMOXA-N3 grafting density: ca. 20% of PAcrAm™ backbone monomers.

100% of PMOXA chains carry an azide