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PAcrAm™ adsorbs both electrostatically and covalently on substrates.
It carries broad-band non-fouling PMOXA-based side chains that, while giving the surface a hydrophilic character, prevent the adhesion of bio-molecules and inhibit the formation of bubbles.

Thanks to SuSoS’ proprietary chemistry, poly-oxazoline-based side chains are available with SPAAC-clickable azide (N3) groups.
We offer PMOXA-N3 with single functionalizations per PMOXA side-chain and PMOXA-co-N3-POXA (PMCA) multi-azide functionalizations per PMOXA side-chain.

PMOXA reportedly shows

no oxidation
high temperature reliability
excellent UV stability
superior non-fouling character for DNA/RNA oligomers or relatively “aggressive” cells like dendrites

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